Play With Your Brain

Play With Your Brain presents eight key soccer concepts in illuminating detail, giving you the knowledge you need to become a smarter — and therefore better — player, coach, or fan.

(Cover design credit: Seth Gregory)

What readers are saying:

“Essential reading for every player/coach/team that wants to evolve from playground soccer to the beautiful game.” – Pranay

“It is very well organized and easy to understand, with helpful diagrams and descriptions of the pros and cons of different decisions players can make on the field.” – Andrew (age 12)

“This book provides extremely practical advice for implementing a consistent, logical, easy-to-understand system of possession soccer. The beautiful part is that it relies on teaching players how to think on the field…. I have coached at both the high school and youth level, and I found lots of valuable advice that I will definitely implement. A well written, easy to follow guide.” – Dave

“It is amazing! I wish I had this soccer bible since the beginning of my soccer mom career.” – Rei

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